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Tudor Women Series

Laurien Gardner
The Spanish Bride by Laurien Gardner
A Lady Raised High by Laurien Gardner
Plain Jane by Laurien Gardner

Tudor Women Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Continuing the story of Henry VIII’s wives-from the author of The Spanish Bride and A Lady Raised High.

With a face better suited to a nun’s habit than a wedding dress, Jane Seymour has no suitors and few hopes. Then, her prospects brighten when she is granted a position at court as maid of honor to Queen Catherine. There, Jane watches as King Henry VIII ignores his aging wife, showering favor on the beautiful Anne Boleyn, the woman he would make his new queen.

But soon he tires of Anne and his wandering eye falls on Jane. Though she has feelings of affection for Henry, she cannot let herself be swept away by his attentions if she is to win not only his heart, but also the greatest prize of all-the Crown.
Book 2
“A well-written account of the relationship that changed England so…Fans of Tudor tales will want to read [this book].”—Midwest Book Review
Frances Pierce is a simple, plain country girl who enters Lady Anne Boleyn’s circle after shielding her from an angry mob. Anne is beloved by King Henry VIII, and queen in all but name. And Henry is determined to put aside his wife Catherine, marry Anne, and mak her his lawful queen—no matter the consequences.
Frances delights Anne with her poetry and her forthright ways, and soon becomes a favorite. Dazzled by her new life and the glamour of the court, and besotted with Anne’s brother George, she pays scant attention to the intrigues that swirl around her mistress. But when the king’s favor shifts, Frances will learn just how quickly those who rise far and fast can meet their downfall.
“A remarkable story, rich in historical background.”—The Best Reviews
Book 1
The queen who married a Tudor and a tyrant.

Her name was Catherine. For over two decades, she was Queen of England, until her failure to bear the king a son, her advancing age, and King Henry VIII’s obsession with Anne Boleyn cost Catherine the crown, her marriage, and her life. This is her story, told from the point of view of Estrella de Montoya, her trusted maid of honor, who traveled from Spain to England with her, and witnessed the triumphs and tragedies of her amazing life.

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