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Carrier Series

Keith Douglass
Carrier 14: Typhoon Season by Keith Douglass
Carrier #20: Hellfire by Keith Douglass
Carrier #25 by Keith Douglass

Carrier Series : Titles in Order

Book 25
Mistaking an Idaho farmer for a militia leader, the FBI raids the suspected man’s home—resulting in the deaths of the entire family, including two children. Fearful of reprisals from real militia groups, the president assigns Tombstone Magruder’s civilian law enforcement agency to combat domestic terrorists as they appear.

Even as the United States government prepares to defend its own soil from within, hostile nations outside America’s borders—Iraq and North Korea—believe they can advance invasions without US interference. But standing in their way is Carrier Battle Group 14, prepared to enforce the peace through any means necessary.
Book 20
The USS Jefferson is in the Mid-Pacific testing a top-secret missile defense system—while a Russian task force monitors every move they make. When the Russians are accidentally targeted, their retaliation is swift and serious, and they have no interest in the Carrier’s plea for diplomacy. Now the Carrier Battle Group Fourteen must do what they can to defend themselves without provoking a full-blown war—but keeping below the boiling point is no easy task under fire like this.
Book 19
Book Nineteen in the Acclaimed Naval Aviation Series
Though the Soviet Union has long been disbanded, a group of radical hard-line Russian military officers refuses to end the Cold War without one last blast. They’ve taken over an airfield in Bermuda—and are ready to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. The Russian government, hoping to maintain their precarious position in the new world order, would like to handle the crisis on their own.
But desperate situations call for desperate action. Tombstone MacGruder and the Carrier Battle Group are called in to take the airfield out before the missiles are launched. And if they don’t nail the nukes in time, the U.S. may lose the Cold War after all…
Book 18
Book Eighteen in the Acclaimed Naval Aviation Series!
When the Chinese fire a test missile that detonates in Taiwan, they claim it was all an accident. But the U.S. is less than willing to believe their story, and sure enough, China launches a full-scale invasion on their tiny capitalist island neighbor—and the entire world goes into an uproar.
But while the diplomats wage a battle of words in the United Nations, the real dirty work is to be carried out by Carrier Battle Group Fourteen—the only fighting force standing between the juggernaut of the Chinese military and the total annihilation of Taiwan…
In the bestselling tradition of Tom Clancy, Larry Bond, and Charles D. Taylor, this electrifying novel captures the vivid reality of international combat. The Carrier Battle Group Fourteen—a force including a supercarrier, amphibious unit, guided missile cruiser, and destroyer—is brought to life with stunning authenticity in a high-tech thriller as explosive as today’s headlines.
Book 17
The Persian Gulf has always been a hot spot for big trouble, and it’s getting hotter by the minute. An extremist faction of Iranian militants has decided to take the first bloody step towards toppling the decadent west, and bringing the world under their fanatical heel. Deep in the desert, a secret cache of technology and weaponry has lain dormant—waiting for the time to strike. That time is now.
On maneuvers in the Persian Gulf, Admiral “Tombstone” Magruder and Carrier Battle Group Fourteen are the first to realize the global danger the militants pose, the first to come under deadly fire—and the only ones who can stop the madmen cold…
Book 16
Book Sixteen in the Acclaimed Naval Aviation Series
While Admiral Tombstone and his men are enjoying a little R & R in Hawaii, China prepares their Rising Sun vessel for a surprise attack on U.S. soil—or rather, sand. The beach explodes into devastation—and the Carrier team can’t handle it alone. But as Tombstone and his fleet take charge of the air, Lieutenant Murdock and his SEALs are called in to work ashore. With this kind of pickup team, China doesn’t have a chance. And the Rising Sun is going to set and sink—once and for all…
Book 15
When tensions rise between Greece and the breakaway republic of Macedonia, “Tombstone” Magruder and Carrier Battle Group Fourteen are sent to maintain the peace, but wind up facing a rogue Greek officer who has decided to end the conflict with open war.
Book 14
Off the coast of China, the storm clouds of war are gathering into a thunderhead. An American yacht has been attacked in international waters by a Chinese combat helicopter. Tensions are at a zenith. China staunchly denies they had anything to do with the incident, and Carrier Battle Group 14 is put on full alert for what may become a full-blown shooting war between the superpowers.

But even as the two mighty forces square for battle, an unseen adversary is watching, waiting for the bloodshed to begin—and time to strike.

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