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Bifrost Guardians Series

Mickey Zucker Reichert
The startlingly original Bifrost Guardians series chronicles the epic saga of a Vietnam soldier sent through time and space.
The Bifrost Guardians by Mickey Zucker Reichert
The Bifrost Guardians: Volume Two by Mickey Zucker Reichert

Bifrost Guardians Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Now in one volume, the final two novels in the startlingly original Bifrost Guardians series: an epic saga of a Vietnam soldier sent through time and space.

Shadow’s Realm: When Shadow received a message that Shylar needed his aid, the master thief and his three companions, Allerum—once a twentieth-century American soldier but now an elf swordsman—and the Dragonmages, Silme and Astryd, immediately set out for Shadow’s hometown of Cullinsberg. For Shylar, town madam and high in the thieves’ underground, was all the family Shadow had. But Cullinsberg was an armed trap waiting to close on them. For they had slain the Chaos Dragon and unleashed a force of pure Chaos, a force which then bonded with the single greatest surviving Dragonmage. Driven by Chaos-induced madness, this master of powers far beyond theirs would use anyone and any means to take his deadly revenge on these four warriors of Law….

By Chaos Cursed: For Al Larson, it began with his death in a firefight in Vietnam. He woke from death to find himself alive—in a body and a world not his own! Transformed into an elf warrior, he became an unsuspecting pawn of the Norse gods, claimed by both Chaos and Law. Faced with challenges that would take him to Hel and back, Al teamed up with two sorceresses and a master thief in the endless battle against Chaos. But when Al and Shadow the thief slew the Chaos Dragon, they unleashed a magical force beyond anyone’s power to contain. Working a desperate magic, Al and his companions fled back to a twentieth-century America which was not quite Al’s own. But Chaos wouldn’t let Al, Shadow, and the Dragonrank mages Silme and Astryd escape so easily. A mortal man once again, Al found himself caught in a last-ditch fight to save everyone he held dear, as Chaos pursued him into the heart of New York City….
Book 1
Now in one volume, the first three novels in the startlingly original Bifrost Guardians series: an epic saga of a Vietnam soldier sent through time and space.

Godslayer: Torn away from the midst of firefight in Vietnam and catapulted to a time and place where the Norse gods fight a deadly war of their own, Al Larson finds himself locked into an elvish body on a world where swords and spells are the means of battle. Al must adapt swiftly or die. For the gods have marked him as their own private battleground, and Al’s only chance rests in completing the quest Freyr has set him, a quest that will lead him to the very gates of Hel, where he must save a god—or destroy one.

Shadow Climber: Taziar Medakan is the Shadow Climber, skilled at remaining one with the shadows, unseen in the midst of his enemies. But though Taz can defeat any trap, he isn’t prepared for the treachery that lands him in the baron’s dreaded dungeon. In that seemingly inescapable place, he meets Moonbear, a prince among barbarians, a swordsman beyond compare, and Taz’s only hope for salvation. But when the two seek a pathway to freedom, they find the whole kingdom on their trail in a pursuit led by a Dragonrank sorcerer on his own mission of magical revenge.

Dragonrank Master: The balance between Chaos and Law has been all but lost. Fenris Wolf and Hel herself both seek vengeance on Al Larson and his allies, the Shadow Climber and the master swordsman Gaelinar. Pursued by these nightmare foes, can Larson and the rest survive long enough to recover the one hope of the forces of Law—the legendary rod of Geirmagnus, the first Dragonrank mage—a mission that will take them from the citadel of Dragonrank powers to war-torn Vietnam to Hel’s dark realm and beyond?

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