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Dish Series

Diane Muldrow and Barbara Pollack
Brought together by food, these five girls have learned how to cook up a great friendship. While they try out new recipes and face cooking challenges, they deal with whatever trouble life stirs up. Friends, working, eating, talking, life—a great recipe to try to follow!
Stirring It Up! #1 by Diane Muldrow; Illustrated by Barbara Pollack
A Measure of Thanks #10 by Diane Muldrow; Illustrated by Barbara Pollack
Sweet-and-Sour Summer #9 by Diane Muldrow; Illustrated by Barbara Pollack

Dish Series : Titles in Order

Book 12
The Chef Girls are excited about the seventh-grade ski trip, which is filled with snow sports and practical jokes. But when Shawn’s nemesis Angie plays a prank that goes too far, things take a dangerous turn.
Book 11
Amanda’s running for the seventh-grade class president—against mean Angie Martinez! Tension has been brewing between Amanda and Angie for a while, but it’s about to reach a boiling point. While Amanda obsesses about the election and Molly takes a break from Dish, Peichi, Shawn, and Natasha struggle to keep Dish goiong. As the campaign heats up, Amanda becomes determined to win at all costs. Can the Chef Girls bring her back to reality before the election day?
Book 10
Molly and Amanda Moore and their friends Shawn, Peichi, and Natasha have the hottest thing going-a cooking business called Dish! The girls have become great cooks and their business is really taking off. But mixing friendship with business is not always an easy recipe to follow!

Summer is over and all of the Chef Girls are back in Brooklyn and back to business–or are they? When Molly throws herself into planning a Charity Harvest fundraiser to benefit a local food bank, she must choose between her new interests and Dish.
Book 9
Sixth grade is over and each Chef Girl has an amazing summer planned. There’s only one problem—all of the girls will be apart for the entire summer. Even Molly and Amanda will be separated—for the first time in their lives—as Amanda heads off to theater camp and Molly spends the summer as a mother’s helper. For each girl, it will be a summer of changes and challenges, including the surprising event that will change Molly and Amanda’s relationship forever.
Book 8
Places, everyone! The girls of Dish are going to cook on live TV! Molly knows it will be great for business, Amanda thinks this could be her big break, Natasha can’t wait to spend time with a professional journalist, and Peichi (as usual) just can’t stop talking about it! Even calm and collected Shawn gets caught up in the excitement. But the interview causes some unexpected problems— especially when the other kids at school find out. Can the Chef Girls handle being celebrities and businesswomen?
Book 6
It’s Chinese New Year, Peichi’s favorite holiday! And this year, she’s psyched about sharing it with her best friends. But when Peichi blows off her schoolwork because of the celebrations, she is grounded by Dish. And when the other girls come down with the flu, they have to put their business on the back burner—and risk losing customers. How can the Chef Girls keep Dish running smoothly when so much is going wrong?
Book 5
The holidays are here, and Molly, Amanda, Shawn, Peichi, and Natasha have never been busier. With school, volunteering, parties, and more orders for Dish than they’ve ever had before, the girls are swamped. And things get even more complicated when holiday secrets turn into holiday lies. No one knows why Amanda and Natasha are acting so strangely, but the truth must come out—including the big secret that Natasha has been hiding for years.
Book 4
The girls have had an amazing summer with their cooking business. But now that middle school is starting, everything is changing. The girls need to find a way to balance business, school, and friends—because friendship is what Dish is all about.
Book 3
Molly and Amanda Moore and their best friends, Shawn and Peichi, have the coolest recipe to beat a boring summer— a cooking business! The girls love to hang out and cook together, and the best part about it is that they get paid! But just as business really picks up, things get really complicated. A forbidden trip to Chinatown, a mysterious antique necklace, too many orders, and too few cooks spell trouble for Dish. Will the girls’ dreams go up in smoke, or will they be able to salvage their recipe?
Book 2
The chef girls have decided to start a neighborhood cooking service. But they run into many obstacles, like their parents and money. Will they be able to come up with a recipe for success?
Book 1
To Molly and Amanda, cooking classes with their friends Shawn and Peichi seem like the key ingredient for a super summer. That is, until their arch-nemesis, Natasha, shows up. But when tragedy strikes a local family, the girls decide to put their cooking skills to good use and make some meals for them. The meals hit the spot, plus the girls feel good about helping out. Maybe they can turn their hobby into something more?

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