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The Doodles of Sam Dibble Series

J. Press and Michael Kline
Sam Dibble is a third grader whose favorite thing to do is doodle (even when it gets him in trouble). Cartoonish illustrations and easy-to-read text combine to tell the story of Sam’s many misadventures.
The Doodles of Sam Dibble #1 by J. Press; Illustrated by Michael Kline
Robots Don't Clean Toilets #3 by J. Press; Illustrated by Michael Kline
Abra-Ca-Doodle! #4 by J. Press; Illustrated by Michael Kline

The Doodles of Sam Dibble Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Sam’s school is hosting a talent show to raise money for the Environmental Center. But Sam doesn’t have a talent to perform! Or so he thinks. He tries juggling, but just can’t get the hang of it. Plus, his arch-nemesis, Wax, decides to juggle in the talent show as well–and Wax is good. But in a moment of inspiration, Sam learns that sometimes you don’t have to look very far to find out what you’re really good at!
Book 3
With the School Invention Fair coming up, Sam is determined to invent the best invention. First, he builds a robot that’ll clean the toilet (but it refuses). He tries a fart fan (but that just creates a mess at lunch). Will Sam come to the fair empty-handed, or will he create something great and win a prize?
Book 2
Sam Dibble can wiggle his ears, win burp contests, ride his bike with no hands, and eat live worms without throwing up. But what Sam Dibble likes to do best is doodle!

It’s class election time, and Sam is running for president! If he’s elected, he can boss the mean kids around and make sure there’s pizza for lunch every day. Plus, everyone will think he’s the coolest third grader. But to win the race, Sam has to prove that he can be a good leader. Can he convince his classmates that he’s good at something other than doodling?
Book 1
Sam’s birthday is in twenty-four hours, seven minutes, and four seconds. Here’s what he wants: a new bike (because he messed up the old one), more pens (so he can draw doodles), and the best birthday party ever. He’ll have to wait for the presents, but the only way he can have the best party ever is if Demo Dan, the world’s greatest wrestler, shows up. The only problem is, Sam doesn’t exactly know Demo Dan (and he promised his friends Dan would be there—he even made a bet on it!). Now time is running out. Will Demo Dan show up in time for Sam to blow out his candles?
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