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Monster Juice Series

Found in Children’s Middle Grade Books
When Chris signs up to volunteer at a retirement home, he has no idea that its residents are monsters! But it turns out that the elderly monsters are actually in danger, and they need Chris’s help to fight back. This offbeat middle-grade series is full of gross-out humor, horror, and adventure.
Fear the Barfitron #1 by M. D. Payne; Illustrated by Amanda Dockery
Tomb of Brain Ooze #5 by M. D. Payne; Illustrated by Keith Zoo
Zits from Python Pit #6 by M. D. Payne; Illustrated by Keith Zoo

Monster Juice Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
After defeating an evil mummy in Egypt, Chris and the others are mystically summoned to the heart of the Congo by a new evil. There they find a legendary serpent beast that has infected all the kids with nasty, blistery, snake-filled zits. Together with their monster friends, the kids have to uncover the secret of the Python Pit and defeat this new slithering threat before it’s too late.
Book 5
Another brain-oozing adventure

After a successful battle to save the moon, Chris and the others find themselves back on Earth and trapped by an evil mummy in the depths of an Egyptian pyramid. Separated from their monster allies, the gang needs to summon an ancient magic to prevent braindraining mummification and defeat an onslaught of vicious scarab-beasts.
Book 4
Beware the Belch Invaders!
Chris and the gang head into outer space to battle a whole new breed of disgustingly evil creatures and to protect the greatest monster of them all . . . the moon—who is the source of all the world’s monster juice.
Book 3
With Raven Hill blown into oblivion, Chris and the geriatric monster crew must search for new shelter. But they aren’t the only ones haunting their new home. The monster-juice-draining attacks continue at this new facility, but the ghosts have a fascinating weapon to defend against the onslaught: Boogers from Beyond!
Book 2
Chris Taylor and his friends are sent on an unexpected school field trip to a remote tropical island–only to find their new monstrous friends waiting for them. Once again, they need the boys’ help: A new evil is on the rise. And it’s a frightening sea monster made entirely out of dead skin. Will the boys be able to help defeat such a monster?
Book 1
When Chris Taylor discovers that the residents of the retirement home where he volunteers are secretly monsters–and have stolen what appears to be his life essence–he leaves to recruit his friends to help him get it back. But once they return to the retirement home, the boys find themselves at the center of a vomit-inducing war against some of the grossest monsters this world has ever encountered. Will Chris and his friends join the residents to fight off the Barfitron?

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