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The Ship of Lost Souls Series

Gerald Guerlais and Rachelle Delaney
The search for buried treasure sends Captain Scarlet McCray and her crew, the Lost Souls, all over the seven seas in this middle-grade adventure series by author Rachelle Delaney.
The Ship of Lost Souls #1 by Rachelle Delaney; Illustrated by Gerald Guerlais
The Guardians of Island X #2 by Rachelle Delaney; Illustrated by Gerard Guerlais
The Hunt for the Panther #3 by Rachelle Delaney; Illustrated by Gerald Guerlais

The Ship of Lost Souls Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The Islands hold secrets for those brave enough to discover them.

Scarlet McCray and the Lost Souls are happy as clams at high tide until they learn two very curse-worthy things. One: There is a new pirate captain sailing the seas. And two: Scarlet’s family is coming to the tropics, forcing her to trade her pirate’s cap for a petticoat. Now Jem Fitzgerald is in charge. And his most important mission–after guarding the treasure from the pirates and keeping peace among the crew–is to find the ferocious black panther that lives on Island X before the panther finds a single Lost Soul.
Book 2
It’s been one month since Scarlet McCray brought her crew, the Lost Souls, to Island X to guard a great treasure. Everyone has settled in nicely. But the pirates are coming. They can’t resist the lure of unknown treasure, and they want revenge on Scarlet and the Lost Souls. But Scarlet has a new problem: someone she never thought she’d see again is on the island. He’s an admiral with the King’s Men, he’s dangerous, and he’s her father.
Book 1
Captain Scarlet McCray has a problem: her crew is bored. And their boredom means she’s not being a good captain. So when Jem Fitzgerald arrives in the Islands with a map to a famous treasure, Scarlet offers up her crew, the Lost Souls. But searching for treasure is never easy. And Scarlet and Jem discover much more than they set out to find.
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