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Genshiken: Second Season Series

Shimoku Kio
Genshiken: Second Season 9 by Shimoku Kio
Genshiken: Second Season 11 by Shimoku Kio
Genshiken: Second Season 12 by Shimoku Kio

Genshiken: Second Season Series : Titles in Order

Book 12
  •  The sequel series to the bestselling Genshiken will have fans coming back for more.
  •  The original nerd manga delves deeper into female fandom, creating more reference points for male and female fans.

16 and up.

At the End of Eternity

After what seemed like an eternity of indecision, Madarame finally reveals his solution to his harem problem, and it’s not what anyone would have imagined. But just when his romantic ineptitude threatens to tear the Genshiken apart, an ancient enemy reappears with shocking news. Can Saki knock some sense into Madarame and save the club? And what will become of the hearts and hopes of Suzy, Keiko, and Hato? Whatever happens, by the time graduation arrives, the Society for the Appreciation of Modern Visual Culture–and its members–will never be the same.

Book 11
Old problems, New Solutions

The grand plan to force Madarame to choose someone from his “harem” comes to its harrowing conclusion and his ultimate decision shocks the whole club. Upon returning to Tokyo, tensions linger even as graduation day approaches. It’s up to the old guard to set things straight, but can Saki accomplish the impossible? Can she overpower Madarame’s ironclad dedication to his own loneliness and get him to go on an actual date?
Book 10

The Genshiken gang’s send-off of Kuchiki continues! After partying hard, the boys—Kuchiki, Madarame, and even Hato—head back to the hotel room they’re being forced to share, where Madarame has a chance to get lucky. Come the next day, it’s time for a field trip to the great shrine at Nikko! The always-cunning Yoshitake has a grand plan to resolve the Madarame situation once and for all—but it might just be grandly awkward…

“A remarkably naturalistic manga that, like the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, makes the ordinary lives of people with extraordinary interests and hobbies easily relatable… Ultimately this is a simple human story [readers] shouldn’t miss.”
Book 9
Honesty Hurts
As Madarame’s harem adventures continue with his escape from Keiko’s terrifying clutches, Hato and Yajima each throw themselves into creating their own original manga. But when Ogiue and Yoshitaka read it and share their thoughts, is Hato really ready for that much honest criticism? Later, the Genshiken plans a trip for Kuchiki’s rapidly-approaching graduation, and Madarame’s coming along! It’s time for a party – at Yajima’s house…?

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