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Growing with Buddy Series

Tim Bowers and Christina Geist
Buddy's New Buddy by Christina Geist
Latest in the Series

Buddy’s New Buddy

Book 3
Hardcover $18.99

Growing with Buddy Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The newest picture book in the New York Times bestselling Buddy series is about being yourself through-and-through while going back to school and trying to make new buddies!

After Buddy’s best friend moves away, he doesn’t know what to do: Who will he high five at school? Who will he play robo chargers with at lunch? Who will be his field trip partner?
Buddy feels he has nothing in common with anyone…. Until a new student shows up who might just be a buddy in the making! And best of all: Buddy can be completely himself with her.
This third book in New York Times bestselling author Christina Geist’s heartwarming and humorous series explores evergreen social-emotional themes like authenticity and friendship-building–right in time for back-to-school season.
Book 2
This fun role-reversal picture book will help reluctant students get excited to go back to school!

It’s just another school morning…until Mom, Dad, Grandma, and even Bow-wow the dog BEG the kids to let them come to school, too! Dad can tie his own shoes–why can’t he come? Mom is all ready with her brand-new backpack–she’s allowed, right? No! Only kids and teachers!

Christina Geist’s warm, interactive story is the perfect tool for parents of kids who are reluctant or nervous about going to school. The fun refrain–“Sorry, grown-ups! You can’t go to school! Only kids and teachers! Only kids and teachers!”–brilliantly paints school as something exclusive and desirable…which kids can access! Tim Bowers’s lively illustrations enhance the fun and heighten the hilarity. This is sure to be a back-to-school classic in many families and classrooms!
Book 1
It’s Buddy’s bedtime, but there’s just one problem—he’s decided that he’s a robot! His accommodating parents must now “power down” their little machine step by step, from his toes to his tushy. Tim Bowers’s bubbly illustrations capture Buddy’s energy and imagination, and parents and kids will enjoy adopting this new bedtime ritual into their own routines.

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