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Just Jake Series

Jake Marcionette and Victor Rivas Villa
Written by New York Times bestselling kid author, Jake Marcionette, Just Jake is a colorful diary style series for middle grade readers that looks like it was taken right from the desk of the main character, Jake Ali Mathews. Featuring full color illustrations by Victor Rivas Villa, vibrant clip art with humorous captions, and a unique flip page animation for each book, this series is as fun to look at as it is to read. Whether he’s climbing the ladder of popularity with his unique brand of AWESOMENESS, directing social media in the class project pet grooming company developed at school or leading his family to victory at a wilderness survival camp, Jake’s humorous storytelling rivals that of other comic middle grade masters, and it all started when the author was just twelve-years-old.
Just Jake #1 by Jake Marcionette; Illustrated by Victor Rivas Villa
Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2 by Jake Marcionette; Illustrated by Victor Rivas Villa
Just Jake: Camp Wild Survival #3 by Jake Marcionette; Illustrated by Victor Rivas Villa

Just Jake Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Jake Ali Mathews and his unique brand of AWESOMENESS is back!
With summer break finally here, Jake Ali Mathews is looking forward to some relaxing kid time. But his dad has different ideas of what Jake’s summer should look like. And soon enough, Jake, his dad, and his diabolical sister, Alexis, are on their way to Camp Wild Survial, hosted by celebrity wildnerness survivalist, Thunder Banks. All is not as it seems and soon, the Mathews family and their friends find themselves in some harrowing, not to mention hilarious, situations. Will Jake’s brand of AWESOMENESS be enough to come out at the other end of summer break alive?
Book 2
Sixth grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly climbing his way back up the ladder of popularity. Increasingly settled in his new school and with a great new best friend, Michael, everything seems to be going okay for Jake.  Until Jake’s beloved teacher, Mrs. Pilsner, has a baby and the students in Jake’s homeroom are handed off to the super-scary substitute, Ms. Cane.  Rather than teach through traditional methods, Ms. Cane decides to have these go-getters help her with a fledgling pet-grooming company. Dogs, cats, and more get bathed, popularity struggles become boardroom struggles, and Jake’s friendship with Michael is tested.  Even Jake’s diabolical sister, Alexis, gets in on the puppy-cleaning action and hilarity ensues. But will Jake’s brand of AWESOMENESS be enough to clean up this furry mess?
Book 1
As seen on the Today Show and CBS Evening News, New York Times Best Selling Kid Author Jake Marcionette explodes into the middle grade diary style genre with a new kind of story.  Meet sixth-grader Jake Mathews, whose life is turned upside down when his family moves from Florida to Maryland, where Jake must adapt to a new school. Jake has always ranked the kids at school in his hand-made, humorous “Kid Cards,” and when he arrives at his new school, Jake starts building a new collection, befriending as many people as he can while staying under the radar from the school bully.  But what happens when the school bully decides Jake’s next in line for annihilation and his Kid Cards get into the wrong hands?!! JUST JAKE is a genuine—and as Jake himself would say, AWESOME!—world of school, family, friends, and teachers; it’s the product of a writer talented well beyond his years.
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