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Magatsuki Series

Hoshino Taguchi
Maga-tsuki 2 by Hoshino Taguchi
Maga-tsuki 9-10 by Hoshino Taguchi
Maga-tsuki 11-13 by Hoshino Taguchi

Magatsuki Series : Titles in Order

Book 10
What would you do if you were suddenly tied to an ancient god… who looked like a teenage girl?

Age 16+

Happy At Last?

Yasuke’s gotten comfortable in his lifestyle with the girls–but that changes when an old childhood friend shows up, and reminds them all of just how weird it is to be going to the bathroom together! Then finally, after so many hijinks and escapades, the curse is broken, and Yasuke gets his soul back… But now, does he even want it? What will he do once Orihime and the other goddesses have returned to the heavens? Left behind with Akari, things begin to feel different between them, until…
Book 9
Yasuke, 15 years old, is about to build up the courage to confess his love to his childhood friend Akari, who’s fallen for him, too. There’s just one problem: Yasuke’s family lives in a Japanese shrine, and when he breaks the shrine’s sacred mirror, it triggers a curse, releasing the cute and well-endowed goddess of misfortune, Orihime, into the real world! Now Yasuke can’t ever be out of Orihime’s sight – if he gets too far away, he dies, and can only be brought back to life with a quick kiss from Orihime!
Book 8
Gender Bender

A kiss from a mysterious woman has transformed Yasuke—into a girl! Now, to have any chance of getting his male body back, he’s going to have to win a beach beauty contest. What’s worse, he’ll be going up against Orihime, Akari, and Hinata, too! And if that weren’t enough, the woman who transformed Yasuke has plans of her own, and they don’t end at the beach…
Book 7

Yasuke, his soul now tied to Izuna, is still dealing with a full house. While things are never boring, the crowd also means Yasuke never catches a break! Whether he’s trying to sneak some time for steamy reading or running out of soul energy, the goddesses and Akari are never far from sight. And although she’s the supreme goddess Amaterasu, Hinata can’t help but feel like she’s falling behind the other girls in the race for Yasuke’s affections—but a romance novel gives her a brilliant idea to regain the lead. But a surprising change in Yasuke might just thwart their plans entirely…
Book 6

Now that Akari’s back, Yasuke’s situation is back to normal—but Yasuke asking Orihime out on a date is guaranteed to shake things up. Akari and the other rivals for Yasuke’s attention naturally decide to tail the two on their date, but seeing Yasuke and Orihime getting along so well is more painful than Akari expected. And what’s going to happen when Orihime notices Akari’s feelings…?
Book 5

No sooner has a new member (Izuna, the fox girl) arrived than all four girls are now living with Yasuke. With repairs on the shrine complete, Yasuke decides to return there from the Inamori residence – which leaves Akari on her own. What’s she going to do when left to her own devices? And if she was the only force keeping the craziness around Yasuke in check, what’s going to happen now that the brakes are really off?
Book 2
From Cursed to Worse!
Yasuke’s soul was accidentally transferred from the goddess of mayhem, Orihime, to his childhood crush, Akari! Not only will he die if he lets go of her at any time…he’s got to hold on while living under her family’s roof! Can Yasuke still make Orihime happy enough while attached to another…or will his embarrassing predicament get him killed before he even has the chance?

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