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McGrath Math Series

Barbara Barbieri McGrath and Tim Nihoff
The Teddy Bears teach math from counting and addition to subtraction and patterning. It’s easy to love math when it’s introduced by cute teddies and fun rhymes.
Teddy Bear Counting by Barbara Barbieri McGrath (Author); Tim Nihoff (Illustrator)
Teddy Bear Addition by Barbara Barbieri McGrath (Author); Tim Nihoff (Illustrator)
Teddy Bear Subtraction by Barbara Barbieri McGrath (Author); Tim Nihoff (Illustrator)

McGrath Math Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
One less teddy leaves how many?

Subtraction is simple when big bears count, sort, and take away tiny teddies. The familiar bear counters will appeal to young readers just learning basic math concepts.

Part of the McGrath Math series perfect to match with the popular teddy bear manipulatives that show how much fun math can be.

Praise for Teddy Bear Math:

“Young readers should find it easy yet gratifying to count the chunky, colorful bears.”
—Publishers Weekly

“[A] solid introduction to addition.”
—School Library Journal
Book 5
Teddy Bears are on an addition mission!

Math, counting, sorting and adding for young children. Easy, fun, and educational. Visual learners can watch the teddies add more and more. And kinetic learners can copy the action with their own teddy bear manipulatives. Catchy speech bubbles accompany lively verse as teddies add single-digit and double-digit numbers from one to fifty.

Playful rhymes and hands-on interaction make this book perfect for use with bear counters and other classroom manipulatives.
Book 4
The teddy bears are back—this time to teach readers all about patterns. Similar to the first three books in the McGrath Math series of concept books, TEDDY BEAR PATTERNS uses rhyming verse to explain the concepts illustrated by the colorful teddies. This simple text helps children to follow along as the teddy bears sort by color, and arrange into patterns of two colors, three colors, and so on. Readers will also discover how they can use patterns to skip count, add, and even multiply, before trying their hand at creating a pattern of their own.

TEDDY BEAR PATTERNS is a worthwhile addition to the classroom, especially those that already use bear counters or other manipulatives as learning tools. Back matter provides a summary of the concepts introduced in the book.
Book 3
Get ready to move while you count!

In this follow-up to Teddy Bear Counting and Teddy Bear Math, kids will be jumping, wriggling, and spinning as they practice their math skills. Like a game of Simon Says, children are asked to moo like cows, fly like planes, and pat their heads while they count, add, sort, and subtract. The hands-on interaction makes math exciting for young learners. Teachers will find this book perfect for use with bear counters or other classroom manipulatives.

Studies show that movement stimulates the brain and helps kids focus. With its bright, colorful illustrations and simple, sing-song rhymes, this book will have little ones eager to go back to the beginning and do more math!
Book 2
Colorful teddies
make great counting tools.
Grab four big handfuls,
then follow the rules.

In a follow-up to Teddy Bear Counting, young learners can build on their math skills with their colorful teddy bear friends. Math concepts include sorting, graphing, counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Even kindergartners can learn complicated math skills easily with these bouncy rhymes, familiar teddy bear manipulatives, and step-by-step instructions that make learning math fun and exciting.

Simple, bright illustrations show children how to set up their teddy bear sets, graphs, and equations, with plenty of white space to make each step clear. Cute teddies and a few helping hands will ensure that little ones can’t wait to go back to the beginning and do more math!
Book 1
Bears tumble in!

Learn to count with this rhyming tale of twelve teddy bears tumbling from page to page. Not just a counting book, it also teaches toddlers colors, shapes, and counting by sets as the bears dance, jump, and play. When it’s time to leave, the bears scurry out in groups as readers count down to zero.

Back matter includes a review of the colors, shapes, numbers, and sets presented. Hands-on interaction makes this book perfect for use with bear counters and other classroom manipulatives.

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