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Handbook of North American Indians Series

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Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 8 by Robert F. Heizer
Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 17 by Ives Goddard
Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 2 by Garrick A. Bailey

Handbook of North American Indians Series : Titles in Order

Book 17
Provides a basic reference work on the Native languages of North America, their characteristics and uses, their historical relationships, and the history of research on these languages. Fold-out, color, volume map.
Book 13
Describes the prehistory, history, and culture of the aboriginal peoples who lived in the region of tall-grass prairies and short-grass high plains of North America.
Book 12
Provides a summary of what is known about the prehistory, history, and culture of the American Indians of the Plateau Culture area. This area is defined by the region in northwestern United States and southwestern Canada drained by the Columbia and Fraser rivers excepting certain portions of the northern Great Basin drained by the Snake River. The Plateau culture area includes the Interior Salishan peoples, the Sahaptian peoples, and several cultural isolates, Athapaskan outliers, and the Kootenai and Cayuse.
Book 11
This volume covers the history and culture of the original inhabitants of the area which is now Nevada, Utah, western Colorado, portions of southern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, eastern California, Arizona and New Mexico.
Book 10
This volume covers the cultures, histories, and languages of the non-pueblo, or Circum-Pueblo, people of the Southwest and those on the northern fringe of Mesoamerica.
Book 9
This volume covers the prehistory, general history, and languages of the entire Southwest, and the cultures and histories of the Pueblo peoples.
Book 8
Summarizes what is known of the aboriginal culture forms and practices of about 60 California tribes. Describes the environment, prehistoric archeology, historical archeology, language classification, culture, population numbers since the time of European discovery, and the history of exploration and settlement by Whites.
Book 7
Provides background information on the native peoples of the Northwest Coastal environment, their languages, and early history. Also contains sections on: mythology, art, and the Indian Shaker Church.
Book 5
Describes the prehistory, history, and cultures of Eskimo people of North America who lived in the Arctic area.
Book 4
Provides a basic reference work on the history of the interactions in North America between the Native American peoples and those, primarily from Europe and Africa, who arrived after 1492. Includes essays on: national policies; military situation; political relations; economic relations; religious relations; and the concept of Indians in literature, popular culture, and movies.
Book 2
This volume provides a basic reference work on Indians and Arctic peoples as a continuing element in a changing and sometimes difficult environment responding to the social forces around them, making such accommodations as circumstances require, but remaining identifiably Indian in a contemporary society.

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