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Shelby & Watts Series

Ashlyn Anstee
Tide Pool Troubles by Ashlyn Anstee
Coming soon (09-28-21)

Tide Pool Troubles

Book 1

Shelby & Watts Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Mystery-solving duo Shelby & Watts are back on the trail! They’re saving the environment, one case at a time.

Environmental mystery busters Shelby and Watts are fresh off of their first successful case when they get another call for help. Violet the bear has woken up early from her hibernation, long before she was expecting to. Her son, Theodore, is still fast asleep, and she needs Shelby and Watts’s help to figure out what woke her…before it wakes Theodore up, too!

In this follow-up to Tide Pool Troubles, our two environmental detectives uncover the larger issue underlying Violet’s early start to spring: climate change. With accessible language and tips for what readers can do in the face of environmental change, this is a gentle introduction to one of today’s most pressing issues.
Book 1
There isn’t a mystery that Shelby & Watts can’t solve! They’re saving the environment, one case at a time.

Meet Shelby & Watts! Shelby loves a good mystery. And her best friend, Watts, is never without his encyclopedia.

When Shelby gets a letter from Fred the hermit crab claiming that all the shells are missing from the beach, she and Watts are just the duo to help him. With Shelby’s deductive skills and Watts’s scientific knowledge, there’s no case the two of them can’t solve–one environmental mystery at a time!

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