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The Hollywood Sisters Series

Mary Wilcox
The Hollywood Sisters: Caught on Tape by Mary Wilcox
The Hollywood Sisters: On Location by Mary Wilcox
The Hollywood Sisters: Backstage Pass by Mary Wilcox

The Hollywood Sisters Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
Only in L.A. would a school internship involve celebrity guest stars and hitting your mark. Acting is not my thing (can you say shy spasm?) . . . but mysteries are. I’m working as an extra on my sister’s latest movie, and legend has it that the mansion we’re filming in is haunted. With disappearing paintings, a glowing ghost, and Eva acting possessed (by love?), I’m starting to believe the stories are true!

Chills. Thrills. Things that go bump in the night. Is my jinx on overdrive or have I stepped into a real-life horror flick?
Book 4
Fashionista. Comedian. Thief?
Brand-new school, brand-new me? Try again. Having a famous sister doesn’t make me special at my posh Beverly Hills academy. But I am getting a lot of attention. Photos are disappearing faster than MTV swag bags from my classmates’ lockers–and blaming the new girl is the reaction du jour. I can’t bother my almost-boyfriend Jeremy with my problems–and solving Project Photo Frame-Up is only one of them. The rest of my schedule: convincing my friends that I’m not a kleptomaniac, helping Eva nail her Serious Actress audition, and doing Jeremy a favor that makes my brain hurt. Is a Hollywood ending in sight? Not. Even. Close.
Book 3
JEREMY. 🙂 ALEX. 🙁 HEATHCLIFF?Now that we’re living in Hollywood, Eva thinks anything is possible – including casting the part of my boyfriend! As for the players: one’s an actor (bad sign), one’s a snobby rich kid (worse sign), and one doesn’t even exist (stop sign). Guess who my sister picked?
Book 2
Real life isn’t reel life, right? At least that’s what Jeremy Jones tried to tell me after his red carpet smoochfest with Paige.Not. Buying. It.Besides, I’m too busy drinking in all the local color (from Mayan ruins to Cheeseheads!) as part of my sister E’s entourage . . . and digging deep to find out who’s behind the mysterious mishaps on the Two Sisters set. Because all roads seem to be leading back to (big gulp) . . . yours truly.
Book 1
Lights. Camera. Backstabbing.
My sister, Eva, just hit the big time as a TV teen–but the big time is hitting back. Someone on the set is planting lies about her in the gossip columns. Can I crack the case before Eva becomes just another falling star?
My camera is trained on two jealous actresses, one kick-butt publicist, and the boy next door (well, he plays one on TV). No one is playing their part as expected. As it turns out . . . not even me.
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