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Dangerous Nation Trilogy Series

Robert Kagan
The Ghost at the Feast by Robert Kagan
Available on (11-15-22)

The Ghost at the Feast

Book 2
Hardcover $35

Dangerous Nation Trilogy Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
A comprehensive, sweeping history of America’s rise to global superpower—a follow-up to the author’s acclaimed first volume, from our nation’s earliest days to the dawn of the twentieth century.

At the turn of the twentieth century, America was at a tipping point: its population and wealth were growing rapidly, and the country had entered the world stage as a commanding political, economic, and military force. Would America retreat within their own relatively secure and geographically separate borders, or would it continue to expand its influence on an international scale?
Beginning with the “honorable” Spanish-American War and ending with the wreckage of World War II, Robert Kagan tracks how America’s desire to be an arbiter of peace as a young democracy has conflicted with its desire to stay neutral. Kagan shows how this moral high ground has led to mistakes and acts of ruthless ambition, but he also argues that America’s hesitation to intervene in foreign affairs has allowed fascism and tyranny to grow unchecked. Brilliant and insightful, The Ghost at the Feast strips away any illusion that America can be an isolationist country, tracing the stunningly quick dissolution of European control and the emergence of a new world order with America at its helm.
Book 1
Most Americans believe the United States had been an isolationist power until the twentieth century. This is wrong. In a riveting and brilliantly revisionist work of history, Robert Kagan, bestselling author of Of Paradise and Power, shows how Americans have in fact steadily been increasing their global power and influence from the beginning. Driven by commercial, territorial, and idealistic ambitions, the United States has always perceived itself, and been seen by other nations, as an international force. This is a book of great importance to our understanding of our nation’s history and its role in the global community.
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