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Black Sand Beach Series

Richard Fairgray
Gravity Falls meets Twin Peaks in this witty, creepy middle grade graphic novel series from best-selling Blastosaurus author Richard Fairgray.
Black Sand Beach #3: Have You Seen the Darkness? by Richard Fairgray
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Black Sand Beach #3: Have You Seen the Darkness?

Book 3
Hardcover $22.99

Black Sand Beach Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Dash and the crew are on a mission to save their summer vacation home from competing evils in the third installment in the creepy Black Sand Beach graphic novel series, perfect for fans of Gravity Falls, Rickety Stitch, and Fake Blood.

After reading Dash’s journal from the previous summer—the summer he doesn’t remember—the kids piece together that Dash’s new ghost girl friends were really puppets of a darker evil that collects the identities of its victims. And now that evil has come to call.  
Kelsey and Casey visited Black Sand Beach in the 90s, back when it was a legit beach town with boogie boards, ice cream, T-shirt shops. But they weren’t on a summer escape. They were tagging along on their dad’s monster-hunting mission. They found one. And it ate them. 
Now, back in the present, Dash and his crew must put this face-stealing monster to rest. Before the Darkness, and all the evil of Black Sand Beach takes Dash . . . forever.        
Book 2
A revelation about how Dash may or may not have spent the summer before raises the stakes even higher in this second installment of the eerie and enthralling Black Sand Beach series, perfect for fans of Gravity Falls, Rickety Stich, and Fake Blood.

Dash and his crew might have stumbled upon the source of the evil at Black Sand Beach when they stumbled into the abandoned and haunted lighthouse, but when Lily reveals that she found Dash’s journal there, the news is anything but comforting. The book is full of Dash’s reflections on his trip to Black Sand Beach the previous summer.

Only Dash doesn’t recognize the journal or have any memory of being there.

As the friends read the entries aloud, through flashbacks Dash’s unsettling encounter with two ghost girls, a truly terrifying monster, and a life changing event make one thing very clear: Black Sand Beach isn’t done with them yet.

Deliciously creepy and difficult to put down, Do You Remember the Summer Before? returns readers to a supernatural shore they’ll never forget.
Book 1
This summer vacation is anything but a dream trip. The first book in a spooky, witty new graphic novel series from bestselling Blastosaurus creator Richard Fairgray, perfect for fans of Gravity Falls, Rickety Stitch, and Fake Blood.

Twelve-year-old Dash and his best friend Lily are spending the summer at Black Sand Beach, where Dash’s family has a house. Lily can’t understand why Dash isn’t more excited. Three months of surf, sand, and sun. It should be a dream!

But Black Sand Beach is not that kind of vacation spot.

The house is a shack, and all of Dash’s weird relatives are there. More alarming is the zombie ram that crashes through the front yard and the eerie voices calling out to Dash from the lighthouse–a lighthouse that hasn’t been operational in a hundred years. . . .

So Dash has a new plan for his summer vacation. . . . Survive.

Full of unexpected twists, Are You Afraid of the Light? begins a delightfully creepy graphic novel series that readers will devour. (But keep a flashlight handy.)

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