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30 Books You Should Read Outside

Oh the weather outside is delightful, and to read outside is vital. Literary landscapes are all around us–gardens, park benches, beaches, road trips–you name the place, we’ll bring the book.

  1. 1

    Wild (Movie Tie-in Edition)

    Find yourself in the great outdoors while on a journey through the Pacific Crest Trail.

    Wild (Movie Tie-in Edition) Book Cover Picture
  2. 2

    Woman No. 17

    If there was ever a book to read pool-side, this is it. Lepucki’s page-turning book about art, identity, and family is charming, clever, and very California.

    Woman No. 17 Book Cover Picture
  3. 3

    The Waking Land

    “Returning to the homeland of magical legends she has forsaken, Elanna is forced to reckon with her despised, estranged father, branded a traitor long ago. Feeling a strange, deep connection to the natural world, she also must face the truth about the forces she has always denied or disdained as superstition—powers that suddenly stir within her.”

    The Waking Land Book Cover Picture
  4. 4

    The Wedding Date

    Can’t you just imagine diving into a juicy romance novel while relaxing in the grass? THE WEDDING DATE is sweet, escapist, and smart.

    The Wedding Date Book Cover Picture
  5. 5

    The Sandman

    Nothing like a spine-tingling thriller to keep you glued to a book. Grab this page-turner and find a comfy spot under the trees!

    The Sandman Book Cover Picture
  6. 6


    Reading this epic road trip through the USA requires some fresh air.

    Mosquitoland Book Cover Picture
  7. 7

    The Secret Garden

    How magically meta it would be to have lunch in a secret garden while reading The Secret Garden.

    The Secret Garden Book Cover Picture
  8. 8

    The Signature of All Things

    Another book meant to be read beside a flower bed.

    The Signature of All Things Book Cover Picture
  9. 9

    Walden & Civil Disobedience

    Drop the iPhone, escape society, and reflect on your natural surroundings.

    Walden & Civil Disobedience Book Cover Picture
  10. 10

    A Walk in the Woods

    Start an outdoor book club with your partner in crime; laugh out loud.

    A Walk in the Woods Book Cover Picture
  11. 11

    Nature and Selected Essays

    Frolic through the park and an exploration of nature’s beauty.

    Nature and Selected Essays Book Cover Picture
  12. 12

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

    Sit below a shaded tree while you fall down the rabbit hole.

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass Book Cover Picture
  13. 13

    Grasshopper Jungle

    Reading this strange adventure outdoors may cure your fear of bugs.

    Grasshopper Jungle Book Cover Picture
  14. 14

    Into Thin Air

    Climb up a hill and enjoy the page view.

    Into Thin Air Book Cover Picture
  15. 15

    Station Eleven

    Head to the park, play some classical music on Spotify, and enjoy this book.

    Station Eleven Book Cover Picture
  16. 16

    The People in the Trees

    A haunting, ecological adventure best read in the trees.

    The People in the Trees Book Cover Picture
  17. 17


    Should you find yourself alone, in the depths of a rainforest, this book will revitalize your inner strength.

    Origin Book Cover Picture
  18. 18

    The Snow Leopard

    Find your zen–a favorite bench, tree, bed of grass–and let the sun shine on your face.

    The Snow Leopard Book Cover Picture
  19. 19

    Out of Africa

    Head out on safari with this book in one hand and binoculars in another.

    Out of Africa Book Cover Picture
  20. 20

    Rebel of the Sands

    Picture a warm, sunny day: the sand between your toes, this book between your fingers.

    Rebel of the Sands Book Cover Picture
  21. 21

    My First Summer in the Sierra

    Explore the wilderness within this books and your own surroundings.

    My First Summer in the Sierra Book Cover Picture
  22. 22

    Into the Wild

    Journey into the wildnerness while investigating this mesmerizing story.

    Into the Wild Book Cover Picture
  23. 23

    On Such a Full Sea

    Strap on your reading boots and take off on a quest through a vividly imagined future America.

    On Such a Full Sea Book Cover Picture
  24. 24

    Paper Towns

    Inside this book you’ll find a scavenger hunt and a road trip. Outside this book, you scheme the same!

    Paper Towns Book Cover Picture
  25. 25

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Far out, way beyond the comforts of your home lies a strange road ahead.

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Book Cover Picture
  26. 26

    Jurassic Park

    Perhaps don’t leave the car for this one, but at least you’re technically outside.

    Jurassic Park Book Cover Picture
  27. 27

    The Wonder Trail

    Find lookout point on your local trail. Steve Hely will take you on a hilarious journey from North to South America.

    The Wonder Trail Book Cover Picture
  28. 28

    The Call of the Wild

    Take the dog for a walk with your favorite survival gear.

    The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and Other Stories Book Cover Picture
  29. 29

    The Hobbit (Movie Tie-in Edition)

    Face your fears and find your courage by embarking on a difficult quest.

    The Hobbit (Movie Tie-in Edition) Book Cover Picture
  30. 30

    The Beach

    Going on vacation? This book’s all about beach culture…a troubling, twisted beach culture.

    The Beach Book Cover Picture
  31. 31

    Outlander (Starz Tie-in Edition)

    “They’re always running around Scotland, horseback riding, and camping beneath the stars.” -Sarah, Web Design

    Outlander (Starz Tie-in Edition) Book Cover Picture
  32. 32


    This book on a boat, sans giant whale, sounds a lot like paradise.

    Moby-Dick Book Cover Picture
  33. 33

    The Kite Runner

    This book makes you want to run through the fields as fast as you can, while staying completely still, reading.

    The Kite Runner Book Cover Picture
  34. 34

    Ready Player One (Movie Tie-In)

    And finally, our anti-outdoors, outdoors book. This story truly makes the reader appreciate fresh air, nature, adventure, and, most of all, reality.

    Ready Player One (Movie Tie-In) Book Cover Picture

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