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DIY and Craft Books

From painting to entertaining to simply keeping your plants alive, there’s a lot to learn! We have a few books that will provide you with essential tips and tricks.

  1. 1

    Everyday Watercolor

    This beautifully illustrated and inspiring guided watercolor-a-day book is perfect for beginning watercolor artists, artists who want to improve their watercolor skills, and visual creatives. From strokes to shapes, this book helps painters gain confidence in themselves along with inspiration to develop their own style over the course of 30 days.

    Everyday Watercolor Book Cover Picture
  2. 2

    A Well-Crafted Home

    A Well-Crafted Home includes simple, creative details that will tailor a space to your taste. More than just “DIY” crafts, these carefully designed projects call for good materials–like linen, leather, and wood–so the finished product will last you a lifetime.

    A Well-Crafted Home Book Cover Picture
  3. 3

    How to Set a Table

    This hip, fabric-covered guide includes creative ways to style a table–whether for a sit-down dinner, cocktail party, brunch buffet, picnic in the park, and other fun get-togethers.  How to Set a Table features stylish, modern ideas for welcoming family and friends in your home.

    How to Set a Table Book Cover Picture
  4. 4

    The Book of Hygge

    Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish word that means a universal feeling of being warm, safe, comforted, and sheltered—an experience of belonging to the moment and to each other. With beautiful full-color photographs and instructive meditations on relishing the everyday, it is your perfect guide to cultivating the coziness that has made Danes the happiest people in the world.

    The Book of Hygge Book Cover Picture
  5. 5

    Wreck This Journal: Now in Color

    This all-new edition of Wreck This Journal, now in spectacular full color, contains prompts for painting, shredding, transforming, and unleashing your creativity.

    Wreck This Journal: Now in Color Book Cover Picture
  6. 6

    The Girlboss Workbook

    Sophia Amoruso, the bestselling author of #GIRLBOSS, shares her favorite tips, checklists, and fill-in-the-blanks. Filled with whimsical illustrations, exercises, and plenty of scribble room, The Girlboss Workbook is designed for both the dreamer and the doer.

    The Girlboss Workbook Book Cover Picture
  7. 7

    Embroider Your Life

    With 150 motifs designed by 20 of today’s most popular embroidery artists selected from Instagram and Etsy, learn the simplest embroidery stitches and techniques, and see the creative ways the motifs can be used to personalize your head-to-toe wearables, accessories, and items for your home.

    Embroider Your Life Book Cover Picture
  8. 8

    The Fine Art of Paper Flowers

    The Fine Art of Paper Flowers is an elevated art and craft guide that features complete step-by-step instructions for over 30 of Tiffanie Turner’s widely admired, unique, lifelike paper flowers and their foliage, from bougainvillea to English roses to zinnias.

    The Fine Art of Paper Flowers Book Cover Picture
  9. 9


    This illustrated cookbook showcases the classic breads and savory foods of a Swedish smörgåsbord that can be enjoyed for parties and holidays as well as for snacking and small meals.

    Smorgasbord Book Cover Picture
  10. 10

    Homemade Holiday

    Save time and money with the festive craft projects in Homemade Holiday. Clear, step-by-step instructions guide readers to create fresh flower garlands, bake edible gift tags, make homemade bath salts, and paint authentic tree ornaments.

    Homemade Holiday Book Cover Picture
  11. 11

    How Not to Kill Your Houseplant

    Help your plant live long and healthy lives! With over 50 different types of popular houseplants, How Not to Kill Your Houseplant summarizes what type of care your plants do (or don’t) need. Be on the lookout for warning signs of a sick plant, from brown spots to crispy leaves, and make sure you take the proper action to rescue your plant.

    How Not to Kill Your Houseplant Book Cover Picture
  12. 12

    Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling

    Carve modernizes a mindful hobby that people have turned to for generations to help them slow down, relax, and connect with the outdoors. Choose from a dozen projects with bespoke details, all are designed to be useful at home or while camping. And because these objects are small, they require only a few hours and a tool or two to complete.

    Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling Book Cover Picture
  13. 13

    The Knot Yours Truly

    Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to show the world just who you are as a couple. The Knot Yours Truly helps you envision your celebration—from the big decisions like the venue to the small stuff like escort cards—and show off your particular style.

    The Knot Yours Truly Book Cover Picture
  14. 14

    The Line

    From the revolutionary mind of Wreck This Journal author Keri Smith comes an encouraging guide to discovering and trusting your inner voice, all through the guise of making a simple line. As you move through the pages of this book, you’ll be asked to start a line, and then to take it through a series of increasingly interesting and meaningful adventures, from letting your line meander or jump around the pages, to using it to help you explore your past, make decisions, and discover the good in your world.

    The Line Book Cover Picture

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