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Best of Romance Books 2018

  1. 1

    City of Secrets

    Elizabeth Miles knows that honesty is not always the best policy when it comes to finding justice. City of Secrets is an exciting new book in the series featuring woman-on-the-run Elizabeth Miles–from the beloved national bestselling author of the Gaslight Mysteries.

    City of Secrets Book Cover Picture
  2. 2

    The Proposal

    Carlos comes to Nik’s rescue after her wedding proposal gone awry. Nik knows that a handsome doctor like Carlos can’t be looking for anything serious, so she embarks on an epic rebound with him. But one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes…

    The Proposal Book Cover Picture
  3. 3

    The Christmas Remedy

    When an Old Order Amish woman takes a job at a small-town pharmacy struggling to survive in a world of “big box” stores, her motive is to help her Plain community. But the advent of the holiday season brings an unusual mystery to the surface–and possibly love.

    The Christmas Remedy Book Cover Picture
  4. 4


    When Marlee Harper discovers that her NFL-star boyfriend has been with other women on the sly, she vows to never date an athlete again. There’s just one problem: Gavin Pope, the new hotshot quarterback and a fling from the past, has Marlee in his sights.

    Intercepted Book Cover Picture
  5. 5

    The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set

    The bestselling Crazy Rich Asians series reveals the outrageous world of high net worth society with humor and heart. This box set includes the entire trilogy: Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems.

    The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set Book Cover Picture
  6. 6

    The Kiss Quotient

    Stella Lane hires escort Michael Phan to help her in the dating department. Before long, Stella not only learns to appreciate his kisses but crave all of the other things he’s making her feel. Their no-nonsense partnership starts making a strange kind of sense…

    The Kiss Quotient Book Cover Picture
  7. 7

    High Voltage

    This thrilling new chapter in the bestselling Fever series features Dani, Ryodan, and other beloved characters, as they battle to save Dublin from the rising of a terrifying evil determined to enslave the human race.

    High Voltage Book Cover Picture
  8. 8

    One Day in December

    Laurie sees a man briefly on a bus who she knows is the one, but he happens to be her best friend’s boyfriend. One Day in December is a heartwarming love story and a reminder that fate takes inexplicable turns along the route to happiness.

    One Day in December Book Cover Picture
  9. 9

    Beauchamp Hall

    Frustrated with her life, Winona Farmington flies to England to see the town where Beauchamp Hall, her favorite drama set in the 1920s, is filmed.  What happens next is the stuff of dreams, as Winnie takes the boldest leap of all.

    Beauchamp Hall Book Cover Picture
  10. 10

    My Italian Bulldozer

    The best-selling author of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series returns with an irresistible new novel about one man’s adventures in the Italian countryside. He encounters a rich cast of characters, including a young American woman who awakens in him something unexpected.

    My Italian Bulldozer Book Cover Picture
  11. 11

    Cottage by the Sea

    Annie Marlow has been through the worst and returns to the Pacific Northwest, the destination of many family vacations when Annie was a teenager. Annie finds that the surest way to fix what is damaged within is to help others rise above their pain and find a way to heal.

    Cottage by the Sea Book Cover Picture
  12. 12

    Solace Island

    Dumped on the eve of her wedding, Maggie Harris joins her sister on Solace Island, where she hopes to recover. What she definitely doesn’t need on her road to recovery are Eve’s efforts to fix her up with their mysterious and alluring neighbor, Luke Benson.

    Solace Island Book Cover Picture
  13. 13

    The Little French Bistro

    Marianne is stuck in a loveless, unhappy marriage. Following a dramatic moment on the banks of the Seine, Marianne leaves her life behind and sets out for the coast of Brittany. With all the buoyant charm that made The Little Paris Bookshop a beloved bestseller, The Little French Bistro is a tale of second chances and a delightful embrace of the joys of life in France.

    The Little French Bistro Book Cover Picture
  14. 14

    The Pisces

    A masterful blend of vivid realism and giddy fantasy, The Pisces is a story about falling in obsessive love with a merman: a figure of Sirenic fantasy whose very existence pushes Lucy to question everything she thought she knew about love, lust, and meaning in the one life we have.

    The Pisces Book Cover Picture
  15. 15

    Love Is Blind

    This sweeping new novel unfolds across fin-de-siècle Europe as it tells a story of ineffable passions–familial, artistic, romantic–and their power to shape, and destroy, a life.

    Love Is Blind Book Cover Picture
  16. 16

    Alaskan Holiday

    Josie and Palmer become close, but Josie knows that, ultimately she’ll leave Alaska for a career she’s worked hard for. Debbie Macomber brings us to the Alaskan wilderness for a magical Christmas tale about finding love where it’s least expected.

    Alaskan Holiday Book Cover Picture
  17. 17

    The Wedding Date

    On the eve of his ex’s wedding festivities, Drew is minus a plus one, but he may have found the perfect fake girlfriend when he gets stuck in an elevator with Alexa Monroe.

    The Wedding Date Book Cover Picture

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