Backlist Bracket: The Scary Sixteen, Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of The Scary Sixteen!  

The Penguin Random House team has come up with sixteen spine-tingling, spook-tastic contenders in four classic book categories that’ll make you sleep with the light on. Vote every week in a new round to determine the ultimate terrifying read!

Each week, there will be a drawing to see who wins a set of the Penguin Horror Classics set, edited by lifelong horror literature lover, Guillermo Del Toro.

Penguin Horror Meet this week’s kickoff contenders: vote for one of each of these match-ups, and enter HERE for a chance to win the prize. Follow on social media and share your thoughts with the hashtag #scarysixteen. WEEK 5: The Stand vs. The Haunting of Hill House

The classic post-apocalyptic tale from the modern-day master of the macabre takes on the mother of all haunted house stories in this WINNER-TAKE-ALL battle for your nightmares.  Which creepy read deserves to be crowned the scariest of them all?

Scary Sixteen - FINAL TWO If you haven’t read the books mentioned above, check them out here! If you’d prefer to buy from an independent bookseller, check out IndieBound to find a bookstore near you. Check back next week to see who’s made the cut!