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Vegan Is Love by Ruby Roth
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Vegan Is Love

Best Seller
Vegan Is Love by Ruby Roth
Hardcover $16.95
Apr 24, 2012 | ISBN 9781583943540

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  • Apr 24, 2012 | ISBN 9781583943540 | 7-10 years

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“Leaping and bounding toward a more peaceable world, this heart-centered book shows just how far our actions can go when we use love to fuel change.” —Jason Mraz, singer and songwriter
“An important and completely unique addition to children’s literature, Vegan Is Love is a gift for newer, greener, and more compassionate generations to come.” —Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary
“Roth’s work brings children a new viewpoint on animals that we desperately need in today’s world. Her message to stop attending dolphinariums is a great way to get children personally involved in making moral choices that are best for the animals. Dolphins belong in the sea, not in captivity.” —Richard O’Barry, marine mammal specialist, The Cove; campaign director of
“Children love animals, and Vegan Is Love helps to nurture their natural compassion. Please give this book to the teachers, parents, and children in your life, and you will do a world of good to create a compassionate world for all.” —Lorri Houston, founder and president, Animal Acres Farm Sanctuary
“Ruby Roth’s short, sweet, and beautifully illustrated book is a must for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and babysitters, as is her message that ‘The choice to be vegan is especially brave.’ And that goes for grown-ups, too.” —Joseph Connelly, founder and publisher, VegNews magazine
 “Vegan Is Love beautifully conveys compelling reasons to reevaluate the food we eat, clothes we wear, and entertainment we choose. Best of all, it offers children ways they can be part of the solution today.” —Brendan Brazier, professional triathlete, best-selling author of Thrive
“This book gives young people a comprehensive view of animal rights as a lifestyle in an easy-to-digest format. It is my dream that future generations will extend their compassion to all sentient beings as part of their daily practice. This book provides the tools they need to get started.” —Simone Reyes, Running Russell Simmons
“Ruby Roth is a magical truth-teller, artist, and conduit to kindness. If I had my druthers, every child in the world would have compulsory homework to read her work, as compassion should be the most perfunctory lesson we learn. My vegan son is so lucky to have Roth’s books to guide him—for every question he has, her books provide an answer.” —Chloe Jo Davis, founder of Girlie Girl Army
“Being a Wellness Warrior isn’t just for adults. Ruby Roth’s fabulous new book teaches children how veganism leads to personal and planetary health and happiness. Share your respect and compassion for our animal friends by reading Vegan Is Love to a little one you adore.” —Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and wellness coach

“Beautifully written and illustrated. …Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action covers everything from why visiting zoos is not a way to support animals if we love them to why eating a plant-based diet is the healthiest thing for us and our world. … I read the book to my kids and they were totally engrossed in the story and the pictures. … The message Ruby Roth wants you all to take away from her new book is to ‘Love deeply, think critically, and act responsibly!‘” —Sarah Creighton, blogger, Veggie Kids

“Roth’s skillful paintings feature rich colors and stylized animals.” School Library Journal

“Sure to provoke controversy and discussion, this illustrated introduction to vegan living occasionally leans too heavily on assumptions but generally offers a clear view of the topic. Presented in picture-book format, this nonfiction work features a different concept on each two-page spread. These concepts include clothing choices, animal testing and using animals in entertainment venues as well as eating habits, farming and environmental degradation. With each, Roth examines the impact of peoples’ choices on the Earth and the animals that live on it. … [Roth’s] main thrust—that our choices influence the world around us—will remain true indefinitely.” —Kirkus Reviews

“We hope that this book ends up on every library shelf because of its important and realistic message.” Vegetarian Journal

“[Vegan is Love] is not only a beautiful book from cover to cover with gorgeous illustrations and truthful messages, but it gives children the encouragement that they have the power to take things into their own hands. … This book will captivate your child(ren) as it did mine.” —Catherine Love, RanVeganess

“[Vegan is Love] provides parents with an educational tool and vegan children with a rare opportunity to have a book that reflects their family’s life and values. In this visually lush follow-up to her first children’s book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Roth introduces children to facets of veganism beyond the food we eat. Elaborately and beautifully illustrated, Vegan is Love teaches children that, small though they may be, they have the power to create positive change through the choices they make. …the message of love prevails.”This Dish is Veg

“Talented children’s book author and illustrator Ruby Roth, author of That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, presents her newest book, Vegan Is Love. … If you have any kiddos in your life (or friends with kids), this would make a perfect gift!”Vegan Break

“The book covers clothing choices, animal testing, and using animals for entertainment, but perhaps the most controversial component of the book is eating habits.”The Today Show blog, MSNBC

“Roth’s message is direct but tactful, and she believes it’s an important one to communicate. She hopes to share what it means to ‘put our love into action’ with today’s youth, and even includes resources at the back of the book that provide children with ways to take action themselves and create a more sustainable and compassionate world.” —World News for Life

“Ruby Roth’s last book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, is a favorite of pre-teens and extra-smart kids nationwide, and she’s followed it up with an even stronger book—Vegan Is Love—brimming with magnificent illustrations and strong, brilliant messages.” —GirlieGirl Army

“Colorful clever drawings work in tandem with an interesting story to hold young readers’ interest. Cautious parents might think Vegan is Love may be too intense for children, but-as a humane educator for more than 20 years—I suggest adults should read the book before dismissing it. Shielding children from the truth behind circuses or rodeos may be more harmful than reading a book like Vegan Is Love. Some young readers may disagree with the book’s message; others will embrace it.” —Debra J. White, Animal People

“I really believe the overall message [Ruby Roth] is sending to moms, dads, and families across the globe is invaluable. … Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore—we ALL need to become more connected to our food and to Mother Earth. As parents, we need to teach our children about proper nutrition, why healthy eating is a must, and how every decision we make influences our world.” —Lisa, Mommy Om

“[Ruby Roth] is hoping to show children that choosing a vegan lifestyle is not only healthy but brave.”lilSugar

Vegan is Love gently asks young readers to take personal responsibility [for making] the world a better place for animals. Children are not afraid to do that. They are not fearful. Adults could learn a lot from children.” —Freeheel Vegan

“The main aim of the book is to argue that kids should be raised vegan-eating nothing that contains meat, dairy, fish, eggs, or any other animal-based product-because it’s the right thing to do for the earth.” —The Baby Center blog

“Roth illustrates through the book how our daily choices in eating meat make an impact locally and globally; she explores the ethical decisions we have to make, such as refusing to go to zoos or animal races, refusing products tested on animals or made from animals, and choosing to buy only organic foods.”Yahoo! UK

Vegan is Love, by Ruby Roth, will undoubtedly make some parents and their children feel uncomfortable, but then again so have beloved classics such as The Lorax and The Giving Tree. … In addition to diet, Vegan is Love sheds light on other animal welfare concerns such as wearing fur, habitat loss, and animal-based forms of entertainment like horseracing or sea parks. It even demonstrates how a plant-based diet ties into ending world hunger, somethingany family can appreciate.” —Holistic Living with Rachel Avalon

“The book definitely brings up topics that should be discussed as a family.”Glamour Magazine’s Health & Diet blog

“Parents have many talks with their kids as they grow up. There’s the ‘birds and the bees’ talk and the ‘sharing is caring’ talk, or even the ‘don’t be a bully’ talk. Now, author Ruby Roth wants parents to have the ‘If it’s too scary to talk about while we’re eating, it’s too scary to eat’ discussion with their children.” —

“One of the most compelling aspects of this book is that it reminds children that everyone—including kids—can make compassionate, cruelty-free choices each day. The tone is empowering and will sit especially well with children who are motivated to improve their world. Parents, caregivers and teachers who practice or are transitioning to cruelty-free living will relish the fact that there is now another book available that buttresses their values.” VegBooks

Vegan is Love is designed to inspire children to adopt a vegan lifestyle at an early age. It’s aimed at kids ages 6 and up, and includes lessons on animal cruelty and the environmental consequences of eating meat, such as pollution emitted by animal farms.” U.S. News and Worlds Report

“Roth offers a detailed description of vegan living in Vegan is Love, complete with information for children to make cruelty-free choices at home, in school, and in their communities.” The Huffington Post
“Once in a very great while a book comes along with such a strong, important message that I marvel over the courage and spirit of the author. Vegan Is Love is one such book. Ruby Roth is one of our most important teachers, bringing an honest awareness to the plight of the animals, the planet, and our own lives. With her focus being on a topic that has often, and for far too long, been considered taboo, Ms. Roth should be applauded and celebrated for her work.”—Erica Settino, Creations Magazine 

“Inspiring book describing vegan philosophy… Vividly conceptualized.” Midwest Book Review

“With its child-friendly illustrations, Vegan is Love is a unique way to introduce children to the vegan philosophy. … Roth gently raises consciousness about the links between food, health, animals, and the environment. Best of all, she empowers children to make choices.”Taste for Life

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