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Steering Clear

Best Seller
Steering Clear by Peter G. Peterson
Feb 05, 2015 | ISBN 9780698191198

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  • Feb 05, 2015 | ISBN 9780698191198

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“As an outstanding leader in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors—and a proud grandfather of nine—Pete Peterson cares deeply about America’s future. In Steering Clear, he tells us how we can pay off our debt and put America on the path to long-term prosperity.”

“In a society where success is too often measured quarter by quarter or election by election, Pete, just as he has throughout his career, takes the long view. We can all benefit from the richness and thoughtfulness of his perspective in this book as we take on one of the toughest challenges of our generation: securing America’s economic future.”
JEFFREY R. IMMELT, chairman and CEO, GE

“This timely and essential book presents a frank assessment of our country’s long-term fiscal picture, why it matters, and what we can do to put our nation on a path toward a brighter economic future. Peterson is a visionary who has seen these challenges coming for decades. Steering Clear should be required reading for anyone who is concerned about the fiscal legacy and economic opportunities we will bequeath to future generations.”
ALAN GREENSPAN, former chairman, Federal Reserve Board

“Pete Peterson’s latest book reminds us that in order to restore the United States as a ‘land of opportunity,’ America’s fiscal crisis must be dealt with head on. He sets out a clear list of options for solving our long-term debt problem, which is critical to our children’s future.”
BILL BRADLEY, former U.S. senator

“Pete Peterson has laid out clear, nonpartisan solutions to our nation’s economic challenges. The commonsense reforms he puts forth in Steering Clear aim to attack our growing debt, solve our long-term fiscal problems, expand economic opportunity, and put America back on the road to prosperity.”
MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG, former mayor, New York City

“Pete Peterson has long been a deeply respected voice and champion for a responsible fiscal future for America. As we have now entered uncharted waters with regard to our unsustainable long-term debt, his compelling message for the imperative of charting a new, bipartisan course is more urgent than ever—and paramount for America’s prosperity in the decades to come.”
OLYMPIA SNOWE, former U.S. senator; senior fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center

“Pete has made it his life’s work to ‘bail us out’ of our precipitous fiscal decline due to our still mounting debt. His superb book is the proverbial canary in the coal mine for all of America. His clarity and insight amid fiscal complexities and chaos, along with his recommended solutions, will provide for a better America.”
ADMIRAL MIKE MULLEN, former chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

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