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Reader’s Guide
A Novel Love Story by Ashley Poston
Discussion Questions:

1.   Elsy loves the Quixotic Falls series because it has been with her through much of her adult life. Do you have a special series or standalone novel that you reminisce fondly about?

2.   Ruby Rivers’ original ending in her Quixotic Falls book is a happily-ever-after, but who does that HEA benefit the most? Do you think her new ending is more satisfying to the readers, or her original one?

3.   Why do you think bookstores and cats go together like peas and carrots?

4.   Elsy fondly remembers reading her first romance. What was the first romance novel you ever read?

5.   Think about your favorite tropes—the boy next door, enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, secret royalty, hot priests, bodyguards,
hurt/comfort, among hundreds of others. What draws you to those tropes? And what books would you recommend to someone looking for
them? No judgments!

6.   If you could spend a day in your favorite fictional place, where would that be, and what would you do?

7.   Elsy realizes her dream is to open a bookstore focused on romance. If you opened a bookstore what would it look like, and how would you curate it?

8.   Rachel Flowers lives on in her series, but her readers are perpetually left without a proper ending. Would you rather read a book series that will never have an ending, or a book series with a disappointing end?

9.   What will you read next? And where did you hear about it?
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