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Uh-oh, Cleo Series

Jon Berkeley and Jessica Harper
Third grader Cleo Small’s life is full of large disasters, but she always finds a way to turn things around and look at the bright (and funny) side.
Uh-oh, Cleo by Jessica Harper; Illustrated by Jon Berkeley
Uh-oh, Cleo: Underpants on My Head by Jessica Harper; Illustrated by Jon Berkeley
Uh-oh Cleo: I Barfed on Mrs. Kenly by Jessica Harper; Illustrated by Jon Berkeley

Uh-oh, Cleo Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
An icky uh-oh moment makes for an entertaining story. Cleo has been bonked on the head by an avalanche of toys and had to wear underwear for a hat in a snowstorm, but nothing compares to the trauma of barfing on Mrs. Kenly?s fur coat. On the way to a birthday party, a combination of carsickness and too many pancakes turns Cleo green in the face, and before anything can be done, her friend?s mom?s fancy coat is a big, barfy mess. Cleo has never been so mortified, but kind grown-ups and good friends soon make her feel as if nothing even happened.

Book 2
In the Small family, it?s best to expect the unexpected? six kids make for a lot of surprises?but who would ever imagine getting caught in a snowstorm in August? When the whole crew goes to visit Grandma in Colorado and Cleo, Jack, and Jenna go on a mountain camping trip with Mom and Dad, that?s exactly what happens. With lots of family fun, silly songs by Mom and creative problem solving, kids will be glad to laugh along with Cleo and her family?s ?Small disasters.?

Book 1
Saturdays are usually nothing but fun in the Small household. Cleo and her twin brother, Jack, always play games, torture their older sister, and then bike to the best Candy store in town. But this Saturday is different. Jack decided to Spider-Man up the toy shelf and made the whole thing tip over. And one of the things that flew off hit Cleo in the head, making her bleed and everything. As her mom sings: “Your story’s kinda gory, but it has a moral, which is:
Beware a day that starts out normal. It might end in stitches!”Cleo’s unique voice and lively narration will pull chapter book readers into her amusing stories of life in a big family that has many uh-oh moments.

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