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An Alex Hawke Novel Series

Ted Bell
Lord Alex Hawke is a British nobleman and gentleman spy. He handles the missions that MI6 can’t touch.
Sea Hawke by Ted Bell
Available on (08-17-21)

Sea Hawke

Book 12
Hardcover $28

An Alex Hawke Novel Series : Titles in Order

Book 12
Alex Hawke, British lord and gentleman spy, faces his gravest challenge yet in this electrifying new adventure from New York Times bestselling novelist Ted Bell.

Alex Hawke rescued the kidnapped grandson of the Queen of England, but the young royal’s captors—the treacherous Tang brothers—escaped. Now they have joined forces with Hawke’s deadliest enemy: the one man who defeated him in hand-to-hand combat.

Hawke will traverse the globe in his quest for vengeance, but will the answers he finds be worth the price he pays?
Book 11
Alex Hawke, British lord and gentleman spy, is looking for the Queen’s missing grandson, whose disappearance may be the culmination of a plot almost a century old in this breathtaking new adventure from New York Times bestselling novelist Ted Bell.

December 8, 1941, Washington, D.C.
The new Chinese ambassador to the United States, Tiger Tang, meets with President Roosevelt one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. For the next four years, China and the U.S. will be wartime allies, but the charming, sophisticated ambassador may be playing his own treacherous game.

Today, The Bahamas
Alex Hawke is recovering from serious injuries incurred during a battle with a malevolent enemy. His recuperation is interrupted by a desperate call from the Queen. Her favorite grandson has disappeared in the Bahamas. Lord Hawke is the only man she trusts with a mission this sensitive. All she knows is that the young prince was last seen at the exclusive Dragonfire nightclub owned by the nefarious Tang brothers, grandsons of Ambassador Tiger Tang.
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