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Og the Frog Series

Betty G. Birney
Life According to Og the Frog by Betty G. Birney
Wildlife According to Og the Frog by Betty G. Birney
La vida de acuerdo a la rana Og by Betty G. Birney

Og the Frog Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Og heads to summer camp in the third book in the middle grade companion series to Humphrey–now in paperback!

Og didn’t know where he would end up when school was over, but it turns out Camp Happy Hollow is just about the best place ever. Lovely nature is all around, friends from Room 26 are there–including Humphrey!–and camp days are full of exciting activities.

Og has lots of new responsibilities, like watching out for Humphrey, helping his fellow campers adjust to being away from home, and encouraging everyone to always try their best. But when one camper lets Og loose at the lake, he is in a tough spot. The lake sure does feel like home, but so does his tank. Plus his human friends need him–and so does Humphrey. Good thing Og has experience in the wild because–BING-BANG-BOING!–this is going to be one hopping summer!

Og’s frog’s-eye view of summer camp is silly, caring, and adventurous–the perfect companion to Summer According to Humphrey.
Book 2
Og is ready for adventure and hopping at the chance to help kids be brave in the second book in the Og the Frog series, now in paperback!

Og loves the kids in Room 26, but he’s awfully curious about the human world outside his tank! His friend Humphrey has no problem getting out and about, but it’s harder for Og because he can’t climb the way a hamster can.

But Og never lets hard work or fear stop him from going after what he wants. And he’s determined to help the tads in Room 26 understand that taking risks can pay off–especially when they are being true to themselves. Whether it’s learning that a younger kid can have great ideas, a student who learns differently can have hidden talents, or ideas that seem crazy at first can actually be amazing if you look at them from a different perspective, Og wants everyone to celebrate their talents. And once he fully embraces his frogginess–BING-BANG-BOING–he figures out how to go where no frog has gone before.

Og’s frog’s-eye view of the world is curious, adventurous, and creative, and the perfect companion to Trouble According to Humphrey.
Book 1
The adventure continues in Room 26 with Humphrey’s frog-tastic best friend, Og the Frog!

     Og the Frog has just moved into Room 26, and the place is hopping. There are lively kids, new routines, and a furry neighbor who seems to squeak all day. Luckily, everyone seems friendly and–BING, BANG, BOING!–some even put juicy crickets in his tank. But just as Og is getting used to this new life, there is talk of sending him back to the pond. Sure, he misses his friends, but now he has a lot more time for his favorite hobby–making up songs and poems–and he loves listening to his new friends and giving them encouraging BOINGS just when they need them. And there’s that steady supply of crickets . . .
     Og doesn’t want to say goodbye to his new life or his furry neighbor. But will his classmates decide to keep Og as their classroom pet or take him back to his old life, at the pond?
Book 1
El segundo libro de la serie de la mejor rana mascota en la sala 26, ¡ahora en español!

Og la rana acaba de mudarse a la habitación 26, y el lugar está saltando. Hay niños animados, nuevas rutinas y un vecino peludo que parece chillar todo el día. Por suerte, todo el mundo parece amigable y – ¡BING, BANG, BOING! – algunos incluso ponen grillos jugosos en su tanque. Pero justo cuando Og se está acostumbrando a esta nueva vida, se habla de enviarlo de vuelta al estanque. Claro, extraña a sus amigos, pero ahora tiene mucho más tiempo para su pasatiempo favorito, inventar canciones y poemas, y le encanta escuchar a sus nuevos amigos y alentarlos a BOINGS cuando los necesitan. Y hay un suministro constante de grillos. . .
     Og no quiere decir adiós a su nueva vida ni a su peludo vecino. ¿Pero decidirán sus compañeros de clase mantener a Og como su mascota de aula o devolverlo a su antigua vida, en el estanque?
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