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The Lawman Series

Lyle Brandt
The Lawman by Lyle Brandt
The Lawman: White Lightning by Lyle Brandt
The Lawman: Trackdown by Lyle Brandt

The Lawman Series : Titles in Order

Book 11
U.S. Marshal Jack Slade is tasked with escorting four prisoners to Leavenworth, Kansas. It’s a 250-mile, ten-day journey across a hot, barren landscape with only a green deputy to help him keep the outlaws in line—and the brooding thoughts of his troubled relationship with Faith Connover to otherwise occupy his mind.   
When some kin of prisoner Fergus Mayfield ambush the marshals and free the convicts, they make one mistake—leaving Slade alive. Badly wounded, horseless, and unarmed, Slade will stop at nothing to survive the dangers of the desert and pursue the escaped outlaws to the ends of the earth…
Book 10
A MOONSHINE TRAIL When his fellow U.S. Marshal Bill Tanner is found dead, Jack Slade picks up his trail, hot on a gang of moonshiners. A reformed drinker and gambler himself, Deputy U.S. Marshal Slade vows to uncover the truth behind Tanner’s death and pull the plug on the bootleggers—liquor and all!But Slade’s pursuit of justice comes with a heavy price: His longtime love, Faith Connover, has a quest of her own. While Slade is off hunting illegal moonshine, Faith makes arrangements to leave Oklahoma territory and head east. But all bets are off when Faith discovers something neither she nor Slade saw coming… 
Book 9
 A QUEST FOR VENGEANCEIt was the happiest day of Deputy U.S. Marshal Jack Slade’s life—until a gang of roughnecks broke it up and shot his bride. Now in a coma, Slade’s bride-to-be faces a slim chance for a full recovery. With his heart broken and filled with vengeance, the Lawman sets out to pursue the gang that broke up his Oklahoma wedding and raided the Cherokee reservation.Teaming up with Little Wolf, Slade follows the gang south toward Mexico, passing through the perilous areas of Texas. And as Slade attempts to exact justice for his fiancée, The Lawman will be tempted to break any law that stands in the way…
Book 1
Jack Slade pulled up his roots a long time ago to take life one day at a time, risking his living, and his neck, at gambling tables across the west. A disappointment to his family, he’s been estranged from them for years. Then he receives word of his brother’s death—under mysterious circumstances—in Lawton, Oklahoma.
It’s been four years since Jack saw Jim, who planted his roots to become a successful rancher. In addition to acres of land and herds of cattle, Jim left behind a fiancée who has been fending off offers on her property—as well as cattle rustlers.
The mysterious circumstances behind Jim’s death are starting to become clear. And when fate pins a badge on Jack, he finds himself walking the line between justice and revenge…

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