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Gladiator Boy Series

David Grimstone and James de la Rue
Decimus Rex is captured by slave-takers and he must face a series of trials and tests to escape his fate. Before he has any hope of escaping, Decimus must become a gladiator. Alongside the friends he makes, he must prove himself in the arena—and find a way to get free!
A Hero's Quest #1 by David Grimstone; Illustrated by James de la Rue
Stowaway Slaves #3 by David Grimstone; Illustrated by James de la Rue
Escape from Evil #2 by David Grimstone; Illustrated by James de la Rue

Gladiator Boy Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Decimus Rex has escaped Arena Primus in the company of a fellow slave, Olu Umbika. Together, they manage to board a slave ship and sail away from the trials and Slavious Doom. But now their four friends are being used as bait to get them to return. Decimus and Olu must reach the Suvius Tower to rescue their friends before they get captured themselves!
Book 3
Decimus Rex and Olu Umbika have managed to do what no one else has ever doneÑflee the clutches of Slavious Doom. As expected, the overlord is furious, demands their immediate capture, and sends out a search party to find them. From the wild dogs running riot in the sewers, to the soldiers scouring the towns above, it seems only a matter of time before the boys are caught.
Book 2
Captured by slave-takers, Decimus Rex is forced to endure a series of trials in the dreaded Arena of Doom. With his five cellmates, Decimus faces a race over burning hot coals. He is then forced into violent hand-to-hand combat with a fellow slave. Escaping this dreaded fate is the only thing keeping Decimus going.
Book 1
Meet Decimus Rex, who has been kidnapped by slave-takers and taken to an arena in Rome. Decimus is intent on escaping from captivity, and knows he must outshine his fellow slaves and endure the trials set before him: crossing burning coals, hammers, spikes, and hand-to-hand combat. He never gives up his hope of escape . . . if he only knew that this is just the beginning of his troubles.

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