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Pushkin Vertigo Series

Found in Cozy Mysteries
Pushkin Vertigo publishes the greatest contemporary crime writing from across the globe, by some of today’s best authors. Their books are found on shelves all across their home countries—from Asia to Europe, and everywhere in between. Timeless tales that have been devoured, adored and handed down through the decades. Iconic books that have inspired films, and demand to be read and read again.
Unravelled Knots: The Teahouse Detective by Baroness Orczy
Available ON (06-15-21)

Unravelled Knots: The Teahouse Detective

Book 3
Paperback $14.95

Pushkin Vertigo Series : Titles in Order

Book 24
A captivating neo-noir classic from one of the masters of the genre
A respected professor is dead—shot in a crowded Zurich restaurant, in front of dozens of witnesses. The murderer calmly turned himself in to the police. So why has he now hired a lawyer to clear his name? And why has he chosen the drink-soaked, disreputable Spät to defend him?
As he investigates, Spät finds himself obsessed, drawn ever deeper into a case of baffling complexity until he reaches a deadly conclusion: justice can be restored only by a crime.
The Execution of Justice is a dark, wicked satire on the legal system and a disturbing, if ambivalent, allegory on guilt, justice, violence and morality.
Book 20
A dizzying tale of lust, mystery, and murder, from the beloved crime writer dubbed ‘the P.D. James of Japan’

The Lady Killer leads a double life in Tokyo’s shadowy underworld. By day, he is a devoted husband and hard worker; by night, he cruises cabaret bars and nightclubs in search of lonely single women to seduce.

But now the hunter is being hunted, and in his wake lies a trail of gruesome murders. Who is the culprit? The answer lies tangled in a web of clues—and to find it, he must accept that nothing is what it seems.
Book 19
The prize-winning debut mystery from one of Japan’s best-loved crime writers

The K Apartments for Ladies are occupied by over one hundred unmarried women, once young and lively, now grown and old—and in some cases, evil.

Their residence conceals a secret connecting the unsolved 1951 kidnapping of four-year-old George Kraft to the clandestine burial of a child’s body in the basement bath-house. So, when news comes that the building must be moved to make way for a road-building project, more than one tenant waits with apprehension for the grisly revelation that will follow. Then the master key is lost, stolen and re-stolen—and suddenly no-one feels safe.

Fiendish intrigue, double identity and an ingenious plot make this a thriller worthy of comparison with the work of P.D. James.
Book 18
This intelligent postwar tale of survival and extortion, obsession and lies, is a classic detective novel from the Argentinian Agatha Christie
In the early hours of the morning, a woman is found in the elevator of a plush apartment block on Santa Fe Road, Buenos Aires. She’s young, gorgeous—and dead.

It looks like suicide, and yet none of the building’s residents can be trusted; the man who discovered her is a womanizing drunk; her husband is behaving strangely; and upstairs, a photographer and his sister appear to be hiding something sinister. When Inspector Ericourt and his colleague Blasi are set on the trail of some missing photographs, a disturbing secret past begins to unravel.

Set during the aftermath of World War II, when many immigrants left Europe for Argentina—some of them with dark pasts to hide—Death Going Down contains all the ingredients of a classic detective novel.
Book 14
A claustrophobic thriller about love gone wrong, from the French master of noir

Blaise should never have hung around in that charmless little provincial town. The job offer that attracted him in the first place had failed to materialize. He should have got on the first train back to Paris, but Fate decided otherwise.

After a chance encounter with a beautiful blonde in the town post-office, Blaise is hooked. He realizes he’ll do anything to stay by her side, and soon finds himself working for her husband, a funeral director. But the tension in this strange love triangle begins to mount, and eventually results in a highly unorthodox burial . . .
Book 13
A fiendish tale of passion, betrayal, and murder in Edinburgh, Scotland—from the master of French noir

Jean-Marie can’t believe his luck when he has a passionate triste with a beautiful young Englishwoman, Marjory, who is holidaying in the Côte d’Azur. But when he discovers she is married, he is crestfallen. When she returns to her home in rainy Edinburgh, he is heartbroken. He decides to take the biggest gamble of his life: he follows her.

No sooner has Jean-Marie arrived in Scotland than his luck runs out. Marjory’s husband is a jealous man—and a deadly encounter is only the beginning of a nightmarish, disorienting drama in the grey-granite labyrinth of the city.
Book 12
Winner of the 1957 Grand Prix de Littérature Policière: A macabre thriller about the dangerous pitfalls of love
It was fate that led her to step out in front of the car. A quiet mountain road. A crushed violin. And a beautiful woman lying motionless in the ditch.
Carrying her back to his lodging on a beach near Barcelona, Daniel discovers that the woman is still alive but that she remembers nothing—not even her own name. And soon he has fallen for her mysterious allure. She is a blank canvas, a perfect muse, and his alone. But when Daniel travels to France in search of her past, he slips into a tangled vortex of lies, depravity, and murder.
Written by one of the masters of French noir, The Executioner Weeps won the 1957 Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, France’s most prestigious literary award for crime fiction writers.
Book 11
A chilling 1950s suspense story of youthful naivety, dark obsession—and the slippery slope to murder
Bored with her mundane factory job, her nagging mother, and her alcoholic father-in-law, 17-year-old Louise Lacroix is captivated by a glamorous American couple who moves to her industrial hometown in Northern France. The Roolands’ home is an island of color, good humor, and easy living in drab 1950s Léopoldville—a place straight out of Louise’s dreams.  
Louise is thrilled when she successfully convinces the couple to hire her as their maid. But once she is under their roof, their model life starts to fall apart. Painful secrets from their past emerge, cracks in their relationship appear, and a dark obsession begins to grow . . .
Book 10
An undercover cop and a prison inmate play a tense game of cat and mouse in this brilliantly original thriller by the master of French noir
At one of France’s toughest prisons, an undercover cop is attempting to trap an enemy spy by posing as a fellow inmate. So Frank and Hal find themselves holed up together in a grimy, rat-infested cell, each warily eyeing the other. As they plan a daring escape, an unexpected friendship ensues—but which is the cop and which is the spy?
Gritty and hard-hitting, The Wicked Go to Hell is a tense, paranoid 1950s thriller about duty and conscience, deception and loyalty, and about what it means to be human—whether you’re the good guy or not.
Book 8
The notorious Inspector Di Vincenzi returns in this cryptic murder mystery teeming with blackmail, deceit, and revenge
Death is in the air at one of Milan’s great fashion houses. As a new collection is unveiled, and the wealthy rub shoulders with the glamorous, owner Cristiana O’Brian escapes upstairs to discover the strangled body of her servant slumped on her bed—a single orchid by his side.
When Inspector Di Vincenzi is called in to investigate, the brilliant detective is puzzled. Why is Cristiana behaving so suspiciously? And what is her estranged ex-husband doing there? As two additional corpses appear, each accompanied by an orchid, Di Vincenzi must see through dirty tricks and slippery clues in order to uncover the real killer.
Book 7
When murder pays a visit to a seedy Milan hotel, Inspector De Vincenzi races to solve the case before more guests are checked out—for good
The shady Hotel of the Three Roses is home to an assortment of drunks and degenerates. Inspector De Vincenzi receives an anonymous letter, warning him of an imminent outrage at the guest house. Shortly after, a macabre discovery is made—a body is found hanging in the hotel’s stairwell. As De Vincenzi investigates, more deaths follow, until he finally uncovers a gothic and grotesque story linking the Three Roses’ unhappy residents to each other.

This intensely dramatic mystery from the father of the Italian crime novel, Augusto de Angelis, features his most famous creation—Inspector De Vincenzi.
Book 6
The iconic Inspector De Vincenzi makes his debut in this classic Italian murder mystery set in 1930s Milan
When a body is discovered in a Milan apartment, Inspector De Vincenzi is on the case. The apartment happens to belong to an old university friend, Aurigi—and the body turns out to be that of Aurigi’s banker. The eventual discovery of a phial of prussic acid casts even more suspiscion upon the apartment’s owner, leaving De Vincenzi torn between his sense of duty and his loyalty to an old comrade . . .

This intensely dramatic mystery from the father of the Italian crime novel, Augusto de Angelis, is the first to feature his most famous creation—Inspector De Vincenzi.
Book 4
An amateur detective investigates a string of gruesome unsolved murders in this classic Japanese locked room mystery
Astrologer, fortuneteller, and self-styled detective Kiyoshi Mitarai must solve a macabre murder mystery that has baffled Japan for 40 years—in just one week. With the help of his freelance illustrator friend, Kiyoshi sets out to answer the questions that have haunted the country ever since: Who murdered the artist Umezawa, raped and killed his daughter, and then chopped up the bodies of six others to create Azoth, ‘the perfect woman’?
With maps, charts, and other illustrations, this story of magic and illusion—pieced together like a great stage tragedy—challenges the reader to unravel the mystery before the final curtain falls.
Book 3
When the sad, beautiful Signora Giulia goes missing without a trace from her Lake Como villa home, it is her husband who reports her disappearance to the detective Sciancalepre, and so the search begins – one that takes Sciancalepre beneath the tranquil surface of local bourgeois society, a world of snobbery and secrets, while mysterious shadows lurk in the grounds of the family villa . . . As his investigation gathers pace this atmospheric classic detective story becomes a thrilling game of legal cat and mouse.
Book 3
Another classic collection of mysteries from the Golden Age of British crime writing, by the author of The Scarlet Pimpernel

It has been twenty years since Polly Burton last saw the Teahouse Detective, but one foggy afternoon she stumbles into a Fleet Street café and chances upon the cantankerous sleuth again. The years have not softened his manner, nor dulled his appetite for unravelling the most tortuous of conspiracies, shedding light on mysteries that have confounded the finest minds of the police.
How did Prince Orsoff disappear from his railway carriage in-between stations? How could the Ingres masterpiece be seen in two places at once? And what is the truth behind the story of the blood-stained tunic that exonerated its owner?
From the comfort of his seat by the fire, the Teahouse Detective sets his brilliant mind to work once more.

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